I started as an Electrician working my way up. Using my knowledge and experimenting with my passion of lighting, I started using my talent in Theatrical Lighting. With a few years of that under my belt, I dove into creating my own custom design luminaires.  While experimenting with different textures, materials and bulbs, I began doing fusion glass custom fabrication. I continued using all skills and new technology throughout every design. My expertise then became the knowledge and use of LEDs and then OLEDs. Bringing everything I have learned and used into being through LEDs to make every space unique. I have 30 years of knowledge and experience to make your project a reality.

About Our Work

Exterior Lighting
Inspiration & Concepts
Inspiration & Concepts

Inspiration and Concepts. What are they? I find them or match them to your goals. Make that inspiration, creation or communication come to life.


Bring the creation and concept into reality. The concept was found and now I make it work.

Custom Fixture
Custom Fixture

We have passed the test and the product works. That fixture is ready to make that effect in your space.

Architectural Integration
Architectural Integration

The sunlight is truly seen through the trees in realtime and now architecturally integrated.

WELCOME TO THE LED Lighting Design Course

Lighting is one of the vital elements that make your clients home or business design look different and unique. It pulls together the environment design and also creates an entertaining atmosphere. Above all, lighting brings life to a house and makes a home more beautiful. Would you like to know how to integrate and match LED lighting design into you project design or what can bring more impact into your design? We can teach this to you and also explain to you how lighting can make your project outstanding and emerge the top and best project of its class.


Do you want your clients house to be unique and stand out from all the rest in thier residential area? You can help them bring that distinction and make thier virtual design a reality. You will help them create the best LED lighting design that is energy efficient and that will be simple to maintain. By using the latest technology to create and IoT control scenes, there will be amazing effects like no other.


Your client business or enterprise lighting design should be outstanding such that it makes a statement. Have your client be technology leaders thatlead with quality LED Lighting Design. You know your clients have thier lighting done and its probably costing much for maintenance. But don’t worry, we will show you how to redesign and retrofit them so that your client’s business can run more efficiently and look attractive.

LED Lighting Design Education

The world of lighting is changing and evolving every day with energy efficient LED lighting equipment and designs transforming the architectural marketplace.
To be a relevant professional in the LED lighting industry, it is vital that you acquire knowledge on a continuous basis.
You need skills and expertise to enable you to stay up-to-date and to get recognized and be knowledgeable in the lighting industry for your expertise with LED.

Training and educating people are part of our commitment to ensuring and inspiring professional growth. Our LED Lighting Design Course will help you understand the relationship between design, theory and technical application, as well as the relationship between energy conservation and social-environmental factors in both natural and electric light.
The course focus is on enabling you to create aesthetic designs, help you understand the psychological and physiological factors, as well as sustainable practices in LED lighting design. This makes the graduate in the LED Lighting Design course emphasize on civic responsibility, technical 
knowledge and design.

Successful Students are ultimately prepared for careers in architectural LED lighting designs and lighting specialists in private practices or at large engineering, architecture and interior design firms.

Our LED Lighting Designer graduates can work as professionals and specialists in any field of LED Lighting Design or as LED Lighting Design research experts in manufacturing enterprises and LED lighting fixture designs.