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Need to know how to integrate lighting into your design? What gives your design more impact? How can lighting bring your project to the top of its class? I can show you how.

Ask me today how my services are for you.



You want your house to stand out from all the rest and it should. I'll make that distinction a reality. Create the best and make it energy efficient and simple to maintain, with technology to control and create the scenes and effects like no other.


Your business or activty should take the lead. Make a statement. Be the leader in technology and quality. You already had your lighting done, but it's costing you too much maintain. I'll show you how to retrofit to run your business more efficiently.


Sometimes you require your own fixture or effect for your specific need. You don't always have to choose from a catalog or what everyone else has. If what you seek doesn't exist, we always find a way to make it happen.

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