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Welcome to the enchanting world of Robert Lanteigne,

a visionary artist in the realm of light, glass, and shadow. With over forty years of mastery, Robert's creations transcend mere lighting design—they are intricate narratives woven with beams of light and reflections.

Each piece is a symphony of

illumination, expertly crafted to transform spaces into immersive experiences. Here, artistry meets innovation, and every luminaire tells a story.

Explore a collection where each creation is not just a fixture, but a bespoke masterpiece, reflecting a journey of passion, precision, and unparalleled creativity.

Step into the light with Robert Lanteigne, and discover how shadows can dance and glass can sing.

"What's in the Oven for 2024: Pre-order Your Slice of Lighting Innovation from Robert Lanteigne's Newest Collection!"

Light, Glass and Shadow Sculptural Wall Design

Creating stunning spaces tailored to your unique taste.

Fall Harvest

(8' x 12')

"Fall Harvest" is a mesmerizing tapestry of light, where each glass-blown orb cascades down the wall like a bounty from an autumnal feast. The orbs, in shades reminiscent of fall — from the deep umbers of a ripe pumpkin to the delicate creams of harvested corn — float against a backdrop that captures the essence of the season. The installation is an ode to the warmth of autumn's palette, with each sphere meticulously placed to harvest light and cast a medley of soft shadows, creating a serene and inviting ambiance that celebrates the richness of the season.

Juicy Tornado

(11' x 16')

"Juicy Tornado" is an exquisite art installation that captures the dynamic energy and vivid colors of nature's most vibrant tempests. Set against a live edge slab of rich monkeypod wood, three slanted panels of blown glass in resplendent orange, regal purple, and crystal clear hues come to life with backlit radiance. The arrangement and flow of the glass evoke the swirling motion of a tornado, while the juicy colors suggest a burst of ripe, flavorful fruit caught in a dance of light and form. This piece is a sensory celebration, blending the organic beauty of wood with the fluid grace of glass.


( 9' x 14')

"Bobbly 55" is a dynamic composition, a symphony of form and color that speaks to the playful nature of light as it interacts with diverse materials. This piece unites the warmth of wood with the fluidity of glass, featuring a medley of blown glass orbs and glass rods in a vibrant palette of oranges and purples. The artful arrangement against the wooden backdrop creates a dance of shadows and reflections on the surrounding surfaces, bringing the installation to life. It's a celebration of textures and hues, meticulously crafted to showcase the beauty of light as both a medium and a messenger of artistic expression.

Platati Platata

(14' x 28')

"Platati Platata" emerges as a visual representation of the vibrant energy found in traditional Indian art forms, infused with a modern interactive twist. This unique technique, developed in India, is a feast for the senses, combining flat plates with spiky blown glass that bursts forth in an explosion of color and form. The installation invites engagement, with each piece responding to the presence of viewers, making it not just a visual spectacle but a dynamic participant in the space it occupies. It's an innovative confluence of heritage and contemporary design, beckoning observers to not just view but interact with the art.


(12' x 16')

"RBW (Red, Blue, White)" stands as a monumental beacon of artistry and technological marvel. Within this masterwork, the triumphant trio of colors bursts forth, held in place by an advanced custom glass anchoring system. Its veins of multi-channel fiber optics pulse with life, orchestrated by a sophisticated control system that responds to the slightest motion. The drama of light and shadow plays across each glass surface, a ballet of luminance that captivates and enthralls. This piece is not merely viewed; it is experienced — a grand spectacle of epic sobriety where technology meets transcendent beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Fresh from the Oven in 2024: Secure Your Piece of Robert Lanteigne's Latest Lighting Masterpieces!"

"What's in the Oven for 2024: Pre-order Your Slice of Lighting Innovation from Robert Lanteigne's Newest Collection!"

You can inquire about purchasing by contacting us directly through our website. Each piece is bespoke, and we can discuss your specific requirements and preferences.

Are Robert Lanteigne’s lighting designs customizable?

Absolutely! Robert specializes in creating custom pieces tailored to each client’s unique vision and space.

What materials does Robert Lanteigne use in his lighting designs?

Robert primarily works with high-quality glass, metals, and advanced LED technology, focusing on the interplay of light, glass, and shadow.

Can I see examples of Robert’s previous work?

Yes, our website features a gallery showcasing a range of Robert’s past projects and designs.

How long does it take to create a custom lighting piece?

As we are currently booked to mid-2024, the creation time for a custom piece can vary depending on the complexity and design requirements. Generally, it may take anywhere from a few months to over a year. We recommend discussing your specific timeline needs during the consultation to ensure we can accommodate your schedule.

Does Robert Lanteigne offer international shipping?

Yes, we provide international shipping for our clients worldwide, with all logistics and handling meticulously managed for safe delivery.

Can Robert Lanteigne’s lighting designs be integrated with smart home systems?

Yes, many of Robert’s designs can be integrated with smart home systems for seamless control and automation.

Are consultations with Robert Lanteigne available for international clients?

Yes, Robert offers consultations via video call for international clients, ensuring a personalized experience regardless of location.

What is the warranty on Robert Lanteigne’s lighting pieces?

Each piece comes with a warranty that covers any defects in materials and workmanship. The specific terms are detailed with each purchase.

How can I stay updated on Robert Lanteigne’s new collections and projects?

You can stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter through the website or following our social media channels for the latest news and releases.


Robert Lanteigne is a master of light, glass, and shadow, with a career spanning over four decades. His biography is a tale of artistic evolution, technical prowess, and a deep commitment to the unique craft of lighting design.

Early Beginnings and Artistic Exploration

Lanteigne's journey into the world of lighting design began in the 1980s. His initial fascination with electrical systems soon evolved into a passion for theatrical lighting, setting the stage for his future as a lighting artist. This early period was marked by exploration and learning, laying the foundation for his unique style.

Mastery of Custom Design Luminaires

As his career progressed, Lanteigne delved into the realm of custom design luminaires. He combined his technical knowledge with an artistic flair, creating bespoke lighting solutions that were as functional as they were aesthetically captivating. His approach was holistic, considering not just the illumination but the overall impact of light, glass, and shadow on the environment.

Fusion Glass Custom Fabrication

A significant milestone in Lanteigne's career was his venture into fusion glass custom fabrication in Murano, Italy. This experience allowed him to integrate unique glass elements into his lighting designs. He constantly adapted to new technologies like LEDs and OLEDs, seamlessly incorporating them into his work for more efficient and striking solutions.

A Focus on Private Collectors

Lanteigne's work for private collectors stands out as a pinnacle of his career. He creates a few exclusive pieces each year, making each one a rare and coveted item. These pieces are not just lighting fixtures; they are bespoke works of art, tailored to the individual tastes and desires of each collector. The exclusivity and rarity of his creations make them highly sought after by connoisseurs of fine art and design.

The Light, Glass, and Shadow Masterclass

Lanteigne's commitment to sharing his expertise is evident in his Light, Glass, and Shadow Masterclass. Here, he imparts his knowledge to aspiring artists and professionals, covering various aspects of lighting and glass art. This educational endeavor is a testament to his belief in the continuous evolution of the craft and his desire to inspire the next generation of lighting designers.

Bespoke Lighting in High-End Residences

His projects in high-end residences demonstrate his ability to transform living spaces into works of art. Each project is a careful balance of functionality and aesthetics, tailored to enhance the ambiance and comfort of these exclusive homes.

Unique Contributions to Public Spaces and Corporates

Lanteigne's projects in auditoriums, showrooms, and corporate settings, such as Laurentian Bank and the Ontario Fire Academy, showcase his versatility. His designs in these spaces are not only functional but also enhance the identity and atmosphere of the venue.

Legacy and Future Endeavors

Lanteigne's legacy in the world of lighting design is marked by his commitment to artistic integrity, technical innovation, and bespoke craftsmanship. As he continues to create exclusive pieces for private collectors, his work remains a beacon in the realm of luxury design.

Looking to Invest in the future

For those who appreciate the sublime interplay of light, glass, and shadow, and seek to own a piece of Lanteigne's exclusive collection, the opportunity is both rare and prestigious. With only a few pieces crafted each year, each work is a testament to Lanteigne's lifelong dedication to the art of lighting design. Collectors and enthusiasts are invited to experience the unique vision and craftsmanship of Robert Lanteigne, a true master of his craft.